About that fox ...

Posted by Stacy Chandler on January 16, 2014 

A friend of mine, if you can call her that after doing this to me, made me watch “What Does the Fox Say.”


I’d made some snarky comment on Facebook about being blissfully unaware of it, and then, in my inbox a few hours later, comes a message from my friend begging me to watch it. “Please,” she said. “For me.”


Sigh. FINE.


Three minutes and 45 seconds later, it was over. And with that I’d become a bit more pop-culture literate, I suppose (still making up my mind on whether that’s a good thing or bad thing). Sure, I laughed a bit at the zaniness of “What Does the Fox Say,” but what really stuck in my craw after hearing the song was this: “You know? That really is a valid question!”


Little kids love animal noises, so questions like “what does the fox say” often come up as you’re singing a song or reading a book to your little one. Cow says moo, pig says oink, etc. But what to do when you come to a page with a zebra? Or an ostrich? Or, you know, a fox? 


You improvise, I guess — as you do in so many areas of parenting. In our house, the default animal noise, when we don’t know the actual noise, is sort of a yip, I guess, maybe more like a bark. For a tiny animal, a squeak is generally the stand-in.


So there have been many times, even before anyone had heard of Ylvis, that I’m certain the phrase, “What DOES the fox say?” ran through my head, or quite likely was uttered aloud. If only I’d thought to make a catchy song and a totally bonkers video out of it, I’d be rich!


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