Anxiety over switching daycares

Our two-year-old son has gone to the same daycare since he was four-months-old. We picked it for its great location, caring atmosphere, high rating and overall good vibe. Then we moved 30  minutes across town, and because we love the daycare so much (as does our son) we kept him there despite the commute.

I still work close to the daycare so he and I drive at least 30 minutes (on a good day) from home to school. But with the Fortify I-40/440 Rebuild Project causing delays, the commute has become harder and harder. On Monday morning there were three accidents on the route causing traffic to backup for an hour.

Once a fairly pleasant commute, it has become increasingly hectic, stressful and dangerous. Since the daycare is near my work,  it has fallen on me to handle drop off and pick up most  days. Our son ends up eating breakfast in the car (Cheerios, fruit and milk) just so we can make it to daycare before the mandatory arrival time.

Fed up with the commute, we decided to look for a daycare that is closer to home cutting down on the time our son spends in the car. We found a place between home and work that is only 15 minutes from our house. It’s on the way for both of us so my husband and I will be able to share pick up and drop off duties.

We like the daycare for many of the reasons we love his current daycare. Only as the end of our time there approaches, I am getting anxious about moving our son away from the friends and caregivers he has grown to love. The daycare is family owned and fairly small so he knows everyone by name and they know him. Each day when we arrive, the toddlers in his room run up to him, scream his name and give him hugs.

I worry that the transition to a new daycare will be difficult. I worry he will act out and that it might take longer than expected for him to adjust. I plan to take him  in for two half days before his first full day. I hope it will help but I suspect it will be rough for awhile until he gets used to the new place.

I would love to hear advice from other parents who have switched daycare centers. How did you ease your child into the transition?


Amneris Solano is a communications professional and the mother of a goofy and lovable toddler. She enjoys yoga, traveling and binge watching Netflix.

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