Congratulations GW!


I am so proud!

My girl, DJ, has finally made her college decision.  Selfishly, I was hopeful she’d end up near home.  We have some great universities right here in the Triangle:  Duke, UNC, NC State.  Selfishly, I wanted her to end up at a public institution for obvious reasons, $$$.

She narrowed it down to three:  UNC, Furman in Greenville, SC, and George Washington University in DC.  Three weeks ago she visited UNC, ate dinner with a friend and came back pumped.  I thought we had a winner.

Two weeks ago, we visited Furman for accepted students’ day.  She met a girl she really liked.  They talked about rooming together.  I thought we had a winner.

But last week we took our trip to DC.  At the end of the day, I headed to get the car from the parking garage, only $23 for the day.  As I walked down H Street, I thought to myself, This IS it.  I can just tell in my gut.  This is where she’s going.  It is the furthest away from our house.  It is the most expensive of her choices, but I can really see her here. 

A small lump settled in my throat.

This is not what I want. I want her to live at home and go to Meredith college .5 miles from the house! I want to drop her off at school on my way to work! I want her to eat dinner with the family on Sundays after church! I want her to be three again!

I was convinced this would be her choice and actually, I was a little excited. It was the excited you get for someone else, especially your kid. It just felt right. I began to mentally prepare, she’s really not going to Meredith. Her deadline from me to decide was last Monday, I had to make a deposit and complete paperwork by Friday. At 7 PM that night, she walked in the kitchen and said, “I can’t decide. I think I want to go to UNC.” We talked for an hour and decided to wait another two days. She was volleying like a shuttlecock. In the meantime, I convinced myself she would stay nearby. I was pumped! I’d see her occasionally! I’d be able to afford to feed my other two children!

It’s now Wednesday night. After dinner I went to her room, we were cutting it close; decision day was only 48 hours away. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I approached the bed with caution (she hasn’t been the easiest person to deal with lately; come to think of it, neither have I).

“Have you made a decision? Where do you want me to put the deposit?”

“GW.  Don’t ask questions.”

The lump returned.

“Are you sure?”


And there you have it.  The kid that sprang from my loins is growing up.  It’s hard to let go.

As one of her friends said, “Congratulations GW! You got DJ!”


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