Fear of Potty Training

I have a confession. I am just as afraid of potty training my 2 year old son as he is, possibly even more afraid. I’m scared of pushing him too hard too soon. I’m scared that it means he is growing up too fast. I’m scared I don’t know how best to teach him and that I’ll be exposed as a mom fraud.

So far my husband and I have taken the following steps toward potty training:

  • We bought a potty
  • We bought pull ups
  • We bought a picture book about using the potty
  • We encourage him to sit on the potty

For whatever reason, potty training feels harder than other milestones such as introducing solid foods and weening him off the bottle. Whenever I talk to other parents I grill them about how and when they potty trained their children. Some of them let their children run around naked. Others gave M&Ms as rewards. A few of them locked themselves in the house for a long weekend and told their toddler to go potty every two hours. An even braver few skipped the pull ups and went straight to underwear.

Over the weekend, our son actually urinated in his potty. Sure, it only happened the one time but it happened! That felt like a huge step forward. And he seems to like his potty. He asks to sit on it even if he doesn’t use it and he has started carrying it around the house which I have been discouraging in case he tries to do that after he’s used it.

Like so many things in parenting, I have to remember to trust myself, to trust my son and to have faith that he will reach that milestone on his time and in his way. Then I can focus on other stuff to worry about like teaching him not to stick his fingers in the hinge side of the door.


Amneris Solano is a communications professional and the mother of a goofy and lovable toddler. She enjoys yoga, traveling and binge watching Netflix.

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