This week my  baby turned five. Five. He is not a baby any more.

He is a rambunctious boy with a big imagination and a big heart. His dad is his best friend  and he is going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when he grows up. He is going to have 16 kids because kids are so fun. And, he may also be a Master Builder (like in the Lego Movie). Five is imaginative.

Five is also very grown up. He can write his name, and doesn’t need help to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Five is also the age when my daughter became a big sister.

I remember the night well. He was ready to be born and at 12/2/10 at 12:02 a.m. he was born. A date and time worthy of a lottery ticket (we got one, but did not win).

He was a good baby from the beginning, and loved attention. He woke up super early in the first month.s We thought he had his days and nights confused. He may have a bit, but he is still an early riser. Frequently the first one up, he jumps out bed with a big smile, hungry and ready to play outside.

As a baby, his sister’s voice calmed him. It still does. And, they still enjoy reading stories together.

Its funny how some things have changed so much. It is crazy how much he has grown. But, its also awesome to see how some things have not changed. While he isn’t going to stay little forever, I hope he continues to be imaginative. And that he  grows into a life that excites him – maybe with a few less than 16 kids – and maintains a close relationship with his sister.

Happy Birthday buddy!


Sarah is a working mom, graduate student – and most importantly – the mother of two young children. Her daughter is quickly transition into the tween years and her son is enjoying his last year of preschool before heading to kindergarten.

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