Halloween Planning

Halloween is coming up, and as we are content with our costumes and both kids plan to go trick-or-treating next year, it hasn’t always been so easy. And, I know it is not at all an easy holiday for some families.


Many kids struggle with the skills required to go trick-or-treating. I hear from friends about the sheer terror of walking around the neighborhood with a child with allergies, not knowing what wrappers may be on the ground, or what allergen may be in the candy bowls.


There are also kids who socially aren’t comfortable with Halloween. Many kids have speech issues. Kids who are non-verbal may say “trick-or-treat” and “thank you” with smiles. And those with poor motor skills may take forever to pick out a piece of candy, or pick up more than one.


Others may have fears or sensory issues and not be comfortable wearing costumes.


As I think ahead to Halloween, and the joy on my kids faces, I am thinking about the other parents who’s kids may struggle on this day. So, as we prepare the costumes and candy, I’m also remembering to prepare my heart, and reminding my kids to consider all the possibilities of children they may interact with – and – that every one of them is special.


Sarah is a working mom, graduate student – and most importantly – the mother of two young children. Her daughter is quickly transition into the tween years and her son is enjoying his last year of preschool before heading to kindergarten.

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