Meet Your Neighbors and Make New Friends

The Triangle real estate market is hot and getting hotter by the day with homes selling quickly all throughout the eight-county area. Moving trucks have hit the roads loaded down with furniture and belongings to fill newly purchased houses that will soon be made into homes by the families who own them.

Tasks that lie ahead include unpacking boxes, putting away numerous items, figuring out furniture configurations, and decorating rooms and spaces. And, certainly don’t forget one of the most important items on the moving-in agenda: meeting and befriending your new neighbors.

Creating a connection to your new community is very important and worthwhile, especially for families who may have relocated to the area from another state. Most people will agree that the special relationships they’ve made with their neighbors are a big part of what they love about their home.

While most new homeowners very much want to immerse themselves into their new neighborhood and community, they struggle with how to do so. Luckily, there are many easy and fun ways to meet, greet and befriend the people on your street (and beyond).

Go door to door
It’s a great idea to walk next door and say hello. Your new neighbors will be delighted that you stopped by to introduce yourself, particularly if you drop by with freshly baked cookies in hand. While you’re there, ask for recommendations for local restaurants, churches, yard services, hair stylists and more.

Take a sidewalk stroll
One of the best ways to meet people in your neighborhood is to go on a walk. Gather your family and take a stroll down your street. Make sure to pay attention to those that you pass along the way. A smile and a friendly greeting sharing that you are new to the neighborhood will help you strike up a conversation.

Network online
Many neighborhoods use Facebook and online forums like and to share information about area activities and events. Sign on and join these virtual groups to grow your network and be in the know about the goings-on in your community.

Host a Home Sip & See
Chances are your new neighbors are dying to see how you’ve decorated and styled your home. Let them! Host an open house and invite the families along your street. Serve up beverages with light appetizers or cookies and get to know one another better.

Get involved
Do you have kids? Become a PTA member. Like to workout? Join a local gym. Love to read? Sign up for a neighborhood book club. Are you a runner? Try out an area running club. Do your best to get involved in activities that will allow you to meet new people with a mutual interest. You are sure to make new friends.

Ask your agent
Real estate agents often remain good friends with the homeowners they serve and may be able to help you make some warm connections that will lead to new friends. They are also great at making recommendations and referrals for local businesses and services to use. Tap into their expertise!

Meet your friends’ friends
Do you already know people in the area? Ask them to introduce you to their friends. Most likely you will mesh well as you already have something in common, the same friend!

As you may know, it takes some time to get to know new people and make friends. Be patient and persistent in your endeavors and they will definitely pay off. You’ll soon have the broad neighborhood network and community connections you seek.

Nancy Harner is senior vice president of the award-winning Relocation and Corporate Real Estate Services Division at Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston, the leading residential real estate company in the Triangle. Visit or call 919-799-5200 for further information.


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