Mommy resolutions for the new year

Our son turned 2 years old late last year. That brought on a lot of fun, new discoveries and of course some challenges. 2016 will be another year of exploration, bonding and learning as he grows. The following are my resolutions as the mom of an independent toddler.

It’s Potty Time

Now that he is 2 years old. It’s time for our little man to learn some new habits. The biggest one being potty training. We bought a training potty, pull up diapers and are waiting for the magic to happen. But magic doesn’t happen. Magic must be created. So I resolve to be patient,  diligent and consistent as we begin to teach him how to use the potty.

Be Patient

It’s probably not fair to count this as a resolution since learning patience is a perpetual state of being for a parent. Still, I must remind myself to take a deep breath, count to 10 and bite my tongue when my little guy refuses to brush his teeth, put on pants or try a new vegetable.

Teach Don’t Preach

I find myself saying, “no,” and “don’t” and “put that down” without offering a positive alternative. This year, I resolve to teach my son a better way of exploring the world while still setting limits. It’s too easy to just shout “no” without further explanation. How is my son going to learn to do things the right way when all I do is point out that it is wrong? Instead telling him what not to do, I’ll try telling him what he should do instead. I’ll say “walk” instead of “don’t run” or “sit on the couch” instead of “don’t jump”.

Be Active

Since I work full time, our evenings consist of dinnertime, bath time, book time and bedtime. My son gets playtime at day care but family bonding time off the couch is warranted. Last night, I searched for Mommy and Me exercise videos on YouTube and we spent about 30 minutes dancing around the living room. It was such fun and a bit of exercise did us both good.

Be Present

I’m starting to fear that my son won’t recognize me unless I have a cell phone in my hand. I sleep next to my cell phone (I use it as an alarm clock). I cook next my cell phone (I am constantly checking recipes while making dinner). I watch TV next to my cell phone (I might have to look up whatever other movies I know that actor from). While it is convenient, it is not good to be that connected all the time especially when I should be paying more attention to the little person my house.

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